Safe and inclusive sport

CMRC, our coaches, board, parents, and volunteers strive to maintain a welcoming, challenging, and fun environment, promoting athletic excellence and safety while promoting lifelong love for skiing and sport.

CMRC is aligned with the principles of safe and inclusive sport as delineated by Alpine Canada. This is defined in the following document.

Respect in Sport

Crabbe Mountain Race Club has followed the lead of Alpine Canada Alpin to formally endorse and promote the Respect in Sport philosophy.

We strive to have a skiing environment that is fun, encouraging, rewarding, and safe so that all our athletes can enjoy their skiing potential without risk of bullying, abuse, harassment, or discrimination.

All CMRC coaches will be certified Respect in Sport leaders and compliant with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports and Alpine Canada’s Safe in Sport Certification. The coaches’ link is below:

All CMRC families are requested to become Respect in Sport certified to endorse and promote the philosophy of a safe and supportive skiing environment without risk of bullying, abuse, harassment, or discrimination. the parents’ link is below:

Parents are asked to forward their confirmation of certification to the CMRC secretary when completed.

There is no place for harassment – Read more