Meet our Coaches

  • Rien Meesters (Head coach)

    Rien has been involved in ski racing his entire life and his coaching experience spans two decades. As a school principal at Royal Road School in Fredericton with a Masters in Education, a certified Canadian Ski Coaches Federation level II coach, a racer parent, and a passionate skier he brings a wealth of energy to his new role. Rien has lead the CMRC as Head Coach in the past and has coached at all levels including: Crabbe Mountain Snow Academy, U16 National Championships, ACA Rising Stars, Whistler Cup and FIS Events with involvement in all aspects of skier development. Rien will continue to promote the CMRC attitude of fostering the love of skiing for all our members while building a training environment that promotes excellence and success.

  • Kay Mills

    Kay Mills is a former CMRC and Canada Games athlete who is excited to share her passion for sport with the next generation of up and comers. Her coaching style stems from a fundamental belief in the True Sport Principles, a desire to equip youth with lifetime competencies taught through sport, and a promise that nothing is better for the soul than a day finished off by a Crabbe Mountain sunset.

  • Leland Morehouse

    Passionate skier since the age of two years old, Leland raced out of Crabbe Mountain for nearly 10 years before becoming a coach at CMRC in 2014. After coaching a variety of age groups over the years – one thing is constant. When trying to demonstrate drills or follow the athletes through the woods, Leland is often the one to end up face down in the snow. Working towards his Performance Level coaching certification, he is always looking forward to the ski season and waiting impatiently for the next snowfall.


  • Joseph Andrew


  • Walter Teague


  • John Teague

    If you know ski racing, then you know the legend. Details available at

  • Tristan Rutter

    Seasoned veteran ski coach with Crabbe Racing, he is also recent past Head Coach.Tristan combines passion, technical precision, and practicality to steer athlete success. Outside of skiing he provides health care technology solutions internationally. He enjoys theatre, family vacations, and summer sunsets by the lake.

  • Camden Sutherland

    Camden Sutherland is an ex FIS and Canada Games athlete, who grew up racing for CMRC. When injuries derailed his skiing career, he was luckily able to rekindle his passion for the sport through coaching. A ture Ski Bum, there likely isn’t a day you won’t find him on the hill.